Dick Daleki-Account Executive

As a business owner or manager you are contacted by a lot of different advertising reps from many different media, more media today than ever before. It’s difficult to know what to do – what’s the best avenue to use to get the greatest return on investment for your business?

I began my career in advertising over 35 years ago writing copy for radio commercials.  In the intervening years I’ve been on your side of the desk as an advertising buyer, first as owner of Marketing Plus of La Crosse, a full-service advertising agency then as the manager of Sign Pro of La Crosse and then as Sales & Marketing Manager at La Crosse Sign Company. For the past 12+ years at WXOW-TV I’ve been using my experience to help local businesses grow.

I’ve always believed that you can never learn too much, so I continue to educate myself with seminars, workshops, reading marketing books, using on-line resources so I can do the best job possible advising business owners like you on how to best use your advertising budget to get the greatest results.

Throughout my career I’ve learned that what I know is not that important; it’s how well I know your business, your goals, your challenges and how I can help you meet those challenges and reach your goals that is truly important. That’s why every time I meet a business owner for the first time I take time to ask the right questions so I can understand where you want to go. With a good understanding of who your best customers are, where they come from and why they buy from you I can work with you to reach more of your ideal customers.

I look forward to working with you to attain your business goals.

For a free consultation contact Dick at (507)895-9978 or by e-mail: ddaleki@wxow.com

Brandon Gerlach

Brandon Gerlach

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