Meth: Crisis In Our Community

This special deals with issues surrounding the methamphetamine epidemic in Wisconsin. It affects people of all ages, the very young to the very old. It knows know economic boundaries or racial lines. Meth addiction happens in cities, villages, and rural areas across Wisconsin.

WATCH: Meth: Crisis In Our Community

If you missed our special, you can watch it in its entirety here.

Beating a meth addiction

He says it was nothing specific.  No life altering event.  But one day, Jordan Holter began experimenting with drugs.

Law enforcement say meth is more than a big city problem

In a nationwide survey of county law enforcement officials in 2006, nearly half said they considered methamphetamine to be their

Signs of meth use

Many methamphetamine users say the highly addictive drug delivers a "rush" that gets you hooked, in as little as

Meth: A look at who uses, how and why

According to recent reports, 53 percent of meth users are male. The average age of meth users is 19.7, and

Meth treatment and recovery options

For those looking to get clean, there are resources available.

Meth: A Growing Problem in Wisconsin

The meth epidemic doesn't just touch the user. It tears at the very fabric of our communities.

Meth addict tells luncheon: ‘I want to be a voice of hope’

Recovering addicts, their families and community members joined together Tuesday for a celebration of sobriety in Wausau.

Taylor County’s “March Against Meth” raises awareness

The growing meth problem in Wisconsin has community members in Taylor County banding together and taking action.

The faces of meth

Three recovering meth addicts News 18 spoke to all got hooked when they were just teenagers.