3rd grade teacher in Winona wins Tools for Schools award

WINONA, Minn. (WXOW) – With help from the Tools for Schools award, one Winona elementary class will get to pair math homework with quality family time.

Emily Cassellius is the march recipient of the 500-dollar award from WXOW, S-S-E music, and Brenengen Auto. Cassellius will use the award to purchase board games that her students can check out to take home.

When playing the games with their families, the students will have to solve a few math problems specific to each game.

“With this money, I plan on purchasing board games and other math games and activities that can be checked out just like a library book would be checked out and along with those games, I’m going to create several math discussion questions that parents can have with their children that align with the standards we are responsible for teaching in third grade,” says Cassellius.

WXOW, Brenengen Auto, and SSE Music help one deserving teacher or class each month.

To apply, click Tools for Schools.



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