Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center relocating to better serve community

On Thursday Winona’s Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center announced plans to relocate and remodel its health-care facility to further serve current and future clients.

The development will help by providing space the facility is in need of. The center plans to relocate to Winona Health’s previous urgent care facility, offering the capability to increase their staff while providing more space.

In the mid-1990s the center expanded into two separate buildings to further their community impact. Since their move, the center has grown, projected to serve over 5,000 clients in 2018.

The current facility does not have the space to support the staff they need to provide quality care to clients.

"We have waiting lists in some of our departments of 75 or more clients who we keep on a list but they can’t be seen if they are in a crisis or need help of some kind," Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center Executive Director Julie Hanson describes.

Hanson sees the move as beneficial. "…I will be able to expand my staffing by about 30% to help the need of those clients."

The new facility will offer more than job openings as well. The center’s peer support network connects clients to those with similar experiences while working on growth and recovery. Previously, the support network was separate from the main center but the relocation will bring every aspect of the facility together.

"All programs will be underneath the same roof, which has not happened before," Program Director of Residential Services & Peer Support Network Mike Fahey explained. "So this is going to be really exciting and really a great opportunity to have that multi-disciplinary team."

The project consists of two separate phases to remodel the old urgent care center, projected to cost over $800,000 combined.

Phase one will update the space for psychiatry and counseling needs. Phase two will add a drop-in center for people with mental illness along with a community training center.

Clients will continue to utilize the current facility until phase one is complete in August, with phase two scheduled for completion by April of 2019.

Center officials say philanthropy represents an important portion of the construction.

Contact Development Coordinator Stacy Shones at (507) 453-6214 for more information on getting involved.

Click here to donate.

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