Governor Walker makes three millionth voter contact call in La Crosse

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) – With the November election exactly one month away, both sides of the aisle look to the last legs of their campaign season for a final push. 

On Saturday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker traveled to La Crosse to make his campaign’s three millionth voter phone call of the election cycle.

After the call, walker reaffirmed his stance on continuing health care coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

Walker also took a moment to remind La Crosse area voters the importance of connecting with others to spread their message.

“Historically people say a good volunteer effort can make up to three to five points in a tight election,” Governor Walker continues, “They can really make the difference in a tight election, three million calls here and across the state.”

Walker says connecting with people face-to-face can start conversations and work to reduce misinformation.

“People often times don’t know what to believe, they hear conflicting facts out there,” Governor Walker describes.

“We encourage people to look at the details. Talk to your colleagues, talk to your neighbors, talk to your family and get the facts out. If the facts are on our side, if we get the facts out, we win.”

With Governor Walker traveling to La Crosse to campaign, local Democrats used recent Oktoberfest activities to connect with area voters in their own way. 

“We had a great maple leaf parade,” Co-Chair of the La Crosse Democratic Party Michael Smuksta elaborates, “We had Tony Evers, Mandela Barnes, Senator Baldwin all here. They walked the parade with us and we had about 40-55 volunteers. We were well received along the parade route.”

Democratic candidate for Governor Tony Evers also spent the weekend traveling, making a stop in Eau Claire on Saturday.

Peter Lenz

Peter Lenz

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