New tariff on imports from China will soon raise bike prices

(WAOW) — A new tariff that is set to go into effect will see a significant wholesale and retail price increase on bikes, parts, and accessories in the U.S. bike market.

The tariff increase, which is 25%, will apply to products that have left China that arrive in the U.S. after June 1. Goods that are in transit before June 1 will not be subject to the extra tariff.

“We’re prepared to do what we need to do to keep our customers happy, but at the end of the day we still have to pay for product to bring it in and our manufacturer has to pay for product to bring it into the country,” Trek Bicycle Store of Wausau Store Manager John Nowaczyk said.

Trek happens to be one of the largest manufacturers and sellers of bikes in the world. The Wausau store manager said if the Trek company decided to find a different country to do business with, it could be detrimental to China.

Many Wisconsin cities have been rated bike-friendly, so the tariffs could have an effect on area residents.

“That would hold people back,” bike rider and Wausau resident Kathlyn Stencil said. “The potential to buy would be totally different but if you really want it and it’s the perfect bike for you, you’re going to buy it. Tariff or not.”

The tariff will exclude lights and helmets. Price increases could take a few extra weeks to hit depending on current retailer and supplier inventory levels.

Amber Meyer

Amber Meyer

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