Home security systems helping police solve crimes

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Box of security camerasLa Crosse, Wis. (WXOW) – La Crosse Police solved a porch theft earlier this month thanks to images caught by the homeowner’s security cameras.

While the package was taken in the middle of the day, no one saw William Kraus grab it off the porch at 1028 7th Street South, but a camera pointed at the porch did and the owner turned it over to police.

“Officers, because of the clarity of the picture and the quality of the video, were readily able to identify the individual and eventually apprehend them and charge him with the theft of the package,” Captain Jason Melby said.

Solving a case of a porch pirate can be difficult since they usually do it when no one is there, but police say installing a security camera could actually be key to helping police find the culprit.

“The quality of the video that’s coming in from these private sources is really, really good and it’s really helping police do their job,” Melby added.La Crosse Police Patch

Managers at Menards in Onalaksa say getting one yourself isn’t as difficult as you may think.

“There are some of them that actually have a rechargeable battery that lasts two months and only requires three screws to put up,” Electrical Manager Sarah Hulberg said. “I mean most people can handle that.”

Some can also be more extensive if the homeowner wants ones that are wired and record for longer periods of time. They say it’s important to know what you want the camera to focus on.

Box says Deter Crime“Do you want it watching your garage, do you want it watching your front door? That kind of idea where you want it in your home,” Hulberg explained.

Police say the cameras have helped solve more than just package thefts. It’s helped in more serious cases like homicides.

“The more that these video system get out there, the more likely we as the police department and police in the community will be able to solve crimes,” Melby added.

Police remind residents if you are getting something valuable delivered, get it delivered to your work or a place where someone is able to receive it directly.

Security Camera at Menards
Kevin Millard

Kevin Millard

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