How healthy is La Crosse County?

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW)  How healthy is La Crosse County?

A couple of measures are contained in an annual review released by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The ranking has two primary components.  First, health outcomes.  That category provides statistics related to the length and quality of life.

The second component is health factors.  That reflects behaviors and community efforts to improve health.

Catherine Kolkmeier, Executive Director, La Crosse Medical Health Science Consortium

Of Wisconsin’s 72 counties, La Crosse County ranks 38 in the health outcomes category.  That’s a 9 point drop compared to last year.  La Crosse Medical Health Science Consortium Executive Director Catherine Kolkmeier says, “it’s a drop,” but “the raw data behind the numbers has not changed dramatically.”

That does not mean the experts are not addressing issues related to the length and quality of life.  Kolkmeier says, for example, “on the overdose side we have a very large collective effort going on called the ‘Alliance to HEAL,’ which brings together both of our medical centers and a number of other partners throughout the community who are working lots of different areas to reduce overdose, to reduce opioid deaths, to reduce addictions related to opioids and are focused on a number of drug related issues in the community . . .”

When considering health factors, La Crosse County improved from a 9 rank last year, to 6 this year.  Kolkmeier says, “this is a very collaborative community.  There are a lot of efforts you’ll see going on to improve people’s health to give people better choices.”

You can see the full report at

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Dave Solie

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