Hit and run survivor shares story, urges better bike safety

A Brice Prairie man who survived a hit and run while on a bicycle shared his story Wednesday evening at a monthly bike and pedestrian safety committee, urging bicycle safety to be taken into account on rural roads.

21 year old Dan Daily said since childhood he’s taken every chance he could to be on his bike, but an accident this summer has him more cautious.

mangled bicycle wheel
Mangled wheel of Daily’s bicycle after the crash

On a Tuesday afternoon in July, Daily was biking home from work on County Road ZB when he heard a noise. Before he could turn to look, Daily said he remembers flying through the air and landing in nearby grass, only to look up and see that vehicle driving away.

Daily suffered painful injury to his leg, but nothing was broken. He said he’s okay now, but without a bike lane or enlarged shoulder on roads connecting with area bike trails he fears that could happen again.

“[With a bike lane/wider shoulder] if they’re going to hit me, they have to literally swerve out of their lane,” Daily said. “I think that just makes me feel safer riding, that I don’t have to keep looking over my shoulder to make sure no one’s going to hit me. I don’t have to rely on them seeing me, when I can rely on just knowing that I’m going to be safe.”

The person who committed the hit and run was caught and charged. He was found to have been intoxicated behind the wheel.

Dots showing incidents on bike in Brice Prairie

The bike/ped safety committee shared a map showing a growing number of incidents between bikes and vehicles, something they say the community has expressed concerns about before.

A willingness to address bike safety while resurfacing roads was included in the Brice Prairie Master Plan released in 2006.

Sam Shilts

Sam Shilts

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