Governor Scott Walker visits Coon Valley to see flood damage

Damaged goods from a home fill their yard.
Damaged goods from a home fill their yard.

Coon Valley residents began picking up the pieces Wednesday after flood waters receded. On hand to see the devastation, Governor Scott Walker as he toured the city both on the ground and in the sky.

“There’s a lot of damage done to town roads, county roads, local streets and state highways, including Highway 14,” Walker said.

Many small businesses suffered extensive damages. Some face issues similar to last year’s flood. Governor Walker hopes the state can get federal funding aid to help them get back on their feet.

“We’d like to make sure part of it goes to not only recovery, but also mitigation. So we can hopefully prevent flooding like that from happening again.”

Tons of people of all ages banded together helping toss water soaked goods. One man brought his family from Westby just to lend a hand.

Residents goes through damaged goods from flood.
Residents go through damaged goods from flood.

“We knew (Wednesday) we had to do something to help this community out,” Rick Fredrickson said. “We went down to Seland’s in Coon Valley here and helped him and his crew.”

Others showed up to the home of Bonnie and Arvid Holey who’s losses filled their yard. It was a site hard for Arvid to look at.

“70 plus years of gathering and keepsakes and they’re gone,” Arvid said through tears.

Bonnie says water nearly got into their living room, but their home was high enough to keep it out.

“They came and wanted us to evacuate,” Bonnie recalled. “So we went to the school for awhile and then came back. Ever since it’s been this.”

Interior walls covered in mud laid out on lawn.
Interior walls covered in mud laid out on lawn.

While many belongings are lost. They still have one important thing.

“We have each other,” Arvid said pulling Bonnie close. “Yup we have each other and we have all the good people to help us,” Bonnie added.

While both appreciate the governor coming to coon valley, they hope it’s not just talk.

“We just hope we’ll get some help from the state,” Bonnie responded. “Like they say actions speak louder than words,” Arvid said.

Governor Walker encourages all residents who’ve suffered damages to call 211 and report it, document it and take pictures so they can seek federal funding. He also wanted to remind residents federal funding only covers what it will to reinhabit your home. So items that will be counted is things like water heater and furnaces. Other goods like food or a couch and pool table will not.

Windows busted out of a garage door after flood.
Windows broken out of a garage door after flood.
Governor Scott Walker talks with Coon Valley residents.
Jeremy Culver

Jeremy Culver

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