Flooding hits the streets and homes in Arcadia

Arcadia (WQOW) — The streets of Arcadia are underwater, but the damage is much deeper than that.

“We had to, last night and the night before, we’ve had to move stuff upstairs so it does not get all wet,” said resident Devon Baier.

The snow melting flooded the streets and houses of many residents. Dozens had to leave their houses. Although, this wasn’t anything new for Arcadia.

Arcadia suffered flooding from the summer of 2017.

Luckily the American Red Cross has taken charge and offered a helping hand.

“We have coats, blankets, pillows, so that people can sleep here over night. We’ve got food set up in the kitchen in the back so that we can feed them with snacks and light meals,” said Peter Knapik, an American Red Cross volunteer.

Knapik said that they expected about 26 people to come to the shelter, but most residents dealing with the flooding were able to stay with friends and family while they cleared the damage.

The shelter is still open for anyone in need of food and supplies, as they wait for more potential flooding throughout the city.


Kevin Millard

Kevin Millard

Kevin Millard-Social Media Digital Content Manager for WXOW.

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