Head Coach Mike Schmidt excited, nervous to take over as Offensive Coordinator

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La Crosse, Wisc. (WXOW)- “Love the heck out of each other here today,” Head Coach Mike Schmidt started off the first spring practice of the 2019 season.

Schmidt enters his fourth year as Head Coach and said this is the most nervous he has ever been for spring practice as he takes over as the Offensive Coordinator.

“This is a big change for me, so this is as uncomfortable as I have been coming out to practice day one in a while, and I am excited for it and they are too,” Schmidt said.

“I one hundred percent believe in him and everything he does,” Senior Wide Receiver Cole Spieker said. “I know he is going to give us the best plan to win, and he is going to work his butt off.”

“We are going to work our butts off as well, and we’re going to get out there and get after it,” Spieker added.

With all the turnover at this position, the stability that Coach Schmidt brings is what’s important to the team.

“You need to know the guy that you’re coaching, and the guy coaching needs to know the guy he’s coaching, and so in order to play fast, and in order to coach them hard, in order to have it, you have to have that established trust in a relationship, and when it keeps changing it is hard to do that,” Schmidt said.

“So, we found a way to kind of get that done, and so it is a big change for me, but I don’t think it is going to be that hard on our players,” Schmidt added.

“We believe in him already,” Spieker said. “He doesn’t have to gain our trust. We already got that.”

Scott Emerich

Scott Emerich

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