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WXOW first signed on the air on March 7, 1970. From a small building and tower in between farm fields atop the bluffs overlooking La Crescent, we’ve grown considerably over the past 50 years. From one signal broadcasting ABC, we now provide programming over five different channels to viewers over-the-air, on cable, and online.

We will be adding content to this page throughout the course of the year as we celebrate a half-century of providing news and shows that inform and entertain you. We’ll reminisce about some of the significant moments in the station’s history with the many people who have worked here.

We’ll be looking to you as well, to share memories of your favorite moments and memories of WXOW and the people you’ve watched during the years.

1967 site proposal
1967 site proposal outside of La Crescent
Vacant land 2
Circa 1967-68: The WXOW Site before any construction began
WKTY-TV 19 proposed site
A possible site for "WKTY" Ch. 19's transmitter could have been north of Holmen. Instead, we ended up on top of the bluffs overlooking La Crescent. Changed the name, too, to WXOW.
WXOW building and Original tower 1970 looking toward Northea
The WXOW building and original tower in 1970.
WXOW tower and vehicle
WXOW-construction of the tower.
WXOW-TV looking Southwest
wxow building
WXOW-early 1970s
control room
WXOW control room-early 1970s.
first WXOW News studio
The first WXOW News studio
WXOW Tape and Telecine room
WXOW Tape and Telecine room. Notice the film projector.
WXOW Video Control room
WXOW Video Control Room
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